Frequently asked questions

At Profelmnet we believe that pre- and after-sales support for customers is just as important as the sale itself.  So, we offer introductory answers to frequently asked questions.  


How can I check that the controller is power up?


  • Check the yellow indication light on the board. It must be ON
  • If not, check the power supply and the board fuse (5A)


  • Press the transmitter button and check that the red indication light of the controller is ON as long as you press the transmitter button. Then program the transmitter in the controller memory.
  • If NOT, check the transmitter light which must be on when you press a channel button
  • Check the RF module to be plugged in the controller socket
  • Check the correct transmitter – controller models for RF frequency and coding compatibility. PR series or PS series or PSR series for both. Please read the product stickers. You cannot mix different series.


After power up, the first movement is the OPEN function. If not, please substitute the OPEN – CLOSE wires (brown – black) of the Motor in the Motor controller terminals.  If it’s a sliding door motor or a barrier, please substitute also the open-close wires of the terminal switches of the Motor. Check again.


  • Due to European regulations for safety reasons
  • Avoid an accident during the close procedure
  • Using to activate the auto-close feature


Reset the controller by removing for 10 seconds the 230VAC power supply.


  • Order the same transmitter part number. It is written in the inside the case sticker.
  • Check if its rolling code or standard dip-switch coding.
  • Check the transmitter indication light. Red for 318MHz and yellow for 433,92MHz