Comprehensive Technical Support:

At Profelmnet we believe that pre- and after-sales support for customers is just as important as the sale itself. 

24-hour technical support

Our 30 years plus experience in the automation sector and the know-how we've accumulated allow us to say that we really are there for customers, and truly represent "a reliable partner" who can provide solutions to difficult technical problems in projects, in a practical and efficient manner, and meet their needs and offer comprehensive technical support and individualised customer service:

  • We offer three 24-hour technical support helplines for customers.
  • We organise special training seminars about our products for all new associates and their staff.
  • We provide full technical coverage and a 10-year guarantee on all our products to our associates and customers of our associates. 
  • We can manufacture products to order for associates, creating elusive branded products for them. 
  • We fully automate our products to save time and make it easier for our associates to install them.
  • We have a New Product R&D Department which monitors international developments and listens carefully to customer needs.
  • We have a vertically-integrated production line meaning we can offer a comprehensive range of top quality products, available immediately to ensure prompt customer service. 
24x7 Support

Comprehensive Technical Support:


We offer three 24-hour technical support helplines for customers: 

+30 697 7200 956   |   +30 697 4894 108   |   +30 694 8170 806