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LCD control panel for sliding gate and rolling shutter up to 1200 watt

4033 is LCD screen display control panel 110/230VAC suitable for sliding  gate and rolling shutter motor up to 1200 watt.  A new generation automation that combines small and easy-to-use size for each type of installation with advanced software of countless capabilities. The LCD screen display provides fault diagnosis, easy way of programming and plenty of functions. Quality, flexibility use, durability.


Main functions

Power supply 230 VAC / 110 VAC

Power handlling up to 1200 watt

Memory up to 300 transmitters

Adjustable electronic motor torque

Adjustable decelaration

Pedestrial function

Adjustable auto close

Soft start and stop

Input for soft-edge

Input for photocells

Motor break

Adjustable codification

Access control possibility

Working temperatures: -20 to +60 Celsius

 Size: 111mm X 82mm X 30mm including ABS housing


Available codes

Product name    Codification  Compatible Transmitters 
PS4033    fixed 433.92MHz  PS-46T
PN4033 pn rolling 433.92MHz PN-46T


Compatible transmitters


Enrich the product with the appropriate accessories, giving it more functionality and features.